Tuesday, 25 July 2017

NYC Trash Cans Filled with Flowers

How cool would it be to see one of these bad boys on your walk to work? Even if you started out in the worst of moods, seeing a bin filled to the brim with one of these jaw-
dropping giant psychedelic floral masterpieces couldn't fail to make you happy...

Lewis Miller never broadcasts where his next 'Flower Flash' will appear; it will just pop up randomly around New York City, with the hashtag LMD x NYC sprayed next to each installation.

He had the idea for 'guerilla floristry' for a while, and as florist known for his fantastical wedding and party arrangements, he knew exactly the kind of impact these displays would have on people and the way they feel. "Gifting flowers to the people of New York was my goal, my vision – to create an emotional response through flowers," he told me.

No sooner is a project spotted, it's instantly rewarded on Instagram and Lewis has since racked up a huge following of over 30K.

Lewis and his team take to the streets under the cover of darkness, setting out in the early hours with a van filled with thousands and thousands of flowers, working quickly to create these psychedelic displays of colour before sunrise.

Trash cans aren't his only target, 'flower flashes' can pop anywhere, such as on the Alice in Wonderland Statue in Central Park...

The John Lennon Imagine memorial, also in Central Park...

Even on bus stop canopies!

Where next, I wonder? Keep up with Lewis Miller's guerrilla floristry antics on Instagram here

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  1. these are beautiful! must cost a fortune as well!!

    1. my thoughts exactly x but this is NYC!